Polo グッズ、あります。
季節に合わせた(ストリートホッケー用ではない)ポロ専用のボールや世界最軽量で高い耐久性を誇るMILKのマレット・ヘッド、Northern Standardの軽量シャフト等、各種ポロ用グッズ、THBPでも少量ですが取り扱っております。

Northern Standardの日本仕様シャフトも今なら未だ在庫あります。製造終了品の為、次回入荷ありません。購入ご希望の方はTHBPか、秋田のS Arrow Akitaさん迄お問い合わせ願います。

THBPではメーカーの開発担当でもある世界各国のポロ・プレイヤー達と日々情報交換を行い様々なノウハウを共有しています。MILKやNorthern Standard、Fixcraft製品等に関する質問や取り寄せにも対応していますのでお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。


Tommy's Rules / The one of Tokyo local rules

A well known game rules amongst THBP members: Tommy’s Rules. Often times, when THBP play Throw-in tournaments, we use these rules accompanied by the "winning points" rule. I want to introduce these rules to you because it’s useful when players of different experience/skill levels get together to practice. (The term "Tommy's Rules" is named after the inventor of these rules, Tommy of THBP).

Well, it really is easy actually... Basic rules are the same as usual. The difference is that each member of the team has to score a goal in order to win a game (Once you make a goal, you cannot score another point in a game). By following this rule, beginners are forced to attempt goals. It also means that the experienced team members would have to find ways to help the beginners shoot goals. It is up to the more experienced to make passes to the other members and to create an easier environment for scoring.
The last player’s ability is put through the test when he/she tries to slip through the heavy defense and make a goal.

The truth is, it's a pretty challenging rule for experienced players as well.

When the "winning points" rule is in effect:

3 points = Won a game, and all 3 team members scored in a game
2 points = Won a game, but not all the members scored
1 point = Tie game

Each player earns points following the above rule. The winners are decided from the accumulated points.

Well, that’s about it. Please try these rules in tourneys and pick-up games, when you have more inexperienced players. I think they'd give everyone a great opportunity to improve his/her skills.

(Translated by Maki Hojo)

今やTHBPではすっかりお馴染みになったTommy's ルール。チームのメンバーを大会当日に抽選で決める、いわゆるthrow-inと呼ばれる形式のゲームをTHBPで行うときは大体これか、これから派生した勝ち点制でやることが殆どです。ちょうど某誌の特集が「Start」だったこともありますし、ある程度スキルや経験の差があるメンツが集まって練習(いつものメンツの中に初心者を入れてとか)するにもいいルールなので紹介させていただきます。(名前の由来はもちろん、Tommyが考え出したからです。)







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