Polo グッズ、あります。
季節に合わせた(ストリートホッケー用ではない)ポロ専用のボールや世界最軽量で高い耐久性を誇るMILKのマレット・ヘッド、Northern Standardの軽量シャフト等、各種ポロ用グッズ、THBPでも少量ですが取り扱っております。

Northern Standardの日本仕様シャフトも今なら未だ在庫あります。製造終了品の為、次回入荷ありません。購入ご希望の方はTHBPか、秋田のS Arrow Akitaさん迄お問い合わせ願います。

THBPではメーカーの開発担当でもある世界各国のポロ・プレイヤー達と日々情報交換を行い様々なノウハウを共有しています。MILKやNorthern Standard、Fixcraft製品等に関する質問や取り寄せにも対応していますのでお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。


Tokyo Classic 2009 - CMWC 2009 Tokyo unofficial bike polo tournament -

tokyo classic 2009 (cmwc 2009 tokyo unofficial bike polo tournament)

Place: Various Locations in Tokyo
Hosted by: Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo

Date: 19th Sept. (Saturday)
Registration Time: 10:30 a.m.
Registration Fee: HDPE pipe for mallet's head or Flanklin SHD Ball (or Mylec & Franklin's "Glow in the Dark" Hockey Ball) per person. (both are hard to get in Tokyo!) a set of pipe and ball? two or more pipes and balls? fantastic! we don't forget your support for Tokyo's scene, never!

Games will begin at 11:30 a.m (pick-up).Tournament will begin at 12:30 a.m.
single elim. tournament.
Only 16 teams can register to play in the tournament. If more than 16 teams register to play, we'll randomly select 16 teams from the list. (You can register as an individual: Please find your team mate on location before the tournament begins!)
Registry Requirements: All registered CMWC 2009 Tokyo participants

3 on 3
7 min./3 points.
final & 3rd place final is 10 min./5 points.
We abide by the NYC game rule.

some pick-up games.
losers of tournament, some local bike polo teams, and riders from Kyoto.

all games are not serious! it's fun games for our guest of CMWC & local bike polo players.
We want to provide a hangout for all the bike polo loving messengers of the world.

If you want to register, please email us at the below address with all the necessary information listed below (1~3). We will get back to you with the game location and details.

mail: tokyobikepolo@gmail.com

1. your team name
2. your name/race no. of cmwc (000 to 999)
3. member's name/race no. of cmwc (000 to 999)

We are also looking for referees.

Contact info: tokyobikepolo@gmail.com

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